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What is Flip Slice?

Glad you asked. We’re the go-to resource for connecting savvy real estate investors with experienced house flippers.

Investors want to lend money to projects they find promising, but often can’t or don’t want to provide all the needed capital. There’s simply too much risk involved. And flippers want to get those promising projects off the ground, but have a tough time finding the funding they need.

Flip Slice solves both problems by connecting willing and able investors with only the best flippers who have proven experience.

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How It Works

We employ an efficient pre-approval process for each loan application. These loans are then rigorously vetted before final approval to ensure a high measure of viability. Only about 8% of applicants are approved for funding.

We even provide funding alongside other investors to keep our goals aligned and to showcase the confidence we have in the approved loans.

For approved loans, you can invest in increments as small as $5,000 anytime, anywhere.

Lend with Confidence

In addition to lending our own capital to the projects you choose to fund, we have in-depth housing knowledge and experience. Real estate is like second nature to us. In fact, since 2006, we have successfully sold over 12,000 homes. That’s an average of over 1,000 homes every year!

With Flip Slice, you’re in the best hands real estate has to offer.

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Borrow with Pride

Ask after ask after ask. When it comes to finding funding, you’re used to hearing “no” a lot. That’s why nothing compares to that feeling of pride and relief when you finally convince someone to invest in your house flip project. Now take that feeling times 10 or even times 100. That’s what it feels like to get funding through Flip Slice because there are typically countless investors saying “yes” to funding your loan. Want that feeling?

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